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Ampere  Research, Innovation and Product Development

 Ampere focuses on nurturing local talents to build state of the art technologies in India. In the EV space, Ampere is perhaps the only electric vehicle company that has invested heavily in R&D on a continuous basis since inception. Ampere embraced ‘Make in India” much before the initiatives of the current government to promote home grown technologies.

Ampere’s core technology expertise lies in making the key parts in India itself. These key parts include

    • PM- BLDC (Brushless DC Motors of upto1500W power)
    • Switched reluctance motors
    • Power electronic controllers for motors
    • Chargers for sealed lead acid batteries

These are designed and manufactured by engineers from within India who knows Indian conditions / constraints for Electric Mobility.  Bought out parts assembled and sold in India has done much damage to the Indian Electric Vehicle Ecosystem.

 In this initiative to completely indigenize, Ampere has already developed chargers for 24/36/48/60V systems which has been integrated into its production line.  Ampere has moved on to making its own motors and controllers which will soon be integrated into production based on volume economics, cost efficiency and reliability.

Ampere’s R&D team concentrates on the following areas:

    • Embedded systems
    • Motor design
    • Battery management and revival Technology
    • Power electronics design
    • Mechanical design

Ampere’s deep R&D capability puts it in a unique position to custom build electric vehicles depending on the requirements. We are not a one-solution-for-all factory. We are a research driven firm that will be able to deliver electric vehicles that are unique to the client’s requirements. This is illustrated by our key components:

    • We have 4 different chargers to suit each output voltage and charging need
    • We have 3 different controllers that operate the different motor types
    • We have 6 different motor types with varying torque, power and voltage

Ampere hires talent through internship projects and works with talented professionals who are passionate about building something new and relevant products for India consumers.

Ampere also exports some of its customized solutions to Germany.

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