CEO Desk

hemalathaWelcome to our new website. I am happy to be part of a leading team that will create, design, innovate and execute change in the area of affordable mobility solutions.

Ampere was incorporated consciously to bring about awareness of high dependancy of our country in fossil fuels and propagate alternate transport solutions using disruptive business models. Ampere’s team will innovate in every aspect to be a self reliant manufacturer to design key components of an electric vehicle.

Our passion is to include best practises and evolve continuously to meet the changing needs of our customers through the launch of our Intelligent smart batteries, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Our aim is to build a brand with value in technology/product creation and be a trend setter in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. Adequate effort will be put to ensure job creation for fresh engineers through continuos mentoring, women empowerment in all the aspects of engineering manufacturing.

We welcome and invite you to be part of this change.

Hemalatha Annamalai,
Ampere Vehicles

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