Ride into the future with the Magnus EX

Bring home Ampere's #NewAgeEnergy and experience convenience, performance and comfort in your daily commute.

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80-100km in single charge

With a removable battery pack

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Freedom from fuel

Good for the planet and your wallet

A female and male model sitting on a Galactic Grey Ampere Electric scooter.
Magnus EX Scooter

Metallic Red

#NewAgeEnergy = Innovation + Style
Choose from five iconic shades of the Magnus EX

The new Magnus EX : power-packed with features

The digital dashboard of Ampere's Magnus EX

0-40 kmph in 10 seconds

The hub motor of Ampere's Magnus EX

Powerful hub motor

The body design of Ampere's Magnus EX

Strong body design

The shock absorbers of Ampere's Magnus EX

Durable shock absorbers

The leg room of Ampere's Magnus EX

Long leg room

The telescopic suspension of Ampere's Magnus EX

Telescopic suspension

The handle bars and digital dashboard of Ampere's Magnus EX

Combined braking system

Savings-meter compared to petrol @ ₹100/litre

Daily Commute in kms

0 km




Mileage in kms

0 km




Monthly Savings

₹ 00.00

Annual Savings

₹ 00.00

Attractive financing with interest rates starting at 8.99%

Get low-to-zero interest EMIs, with upto 80% financing of the E-scooter price

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Paving a path towards sustainability

#NewAgeEnergy is more than just words, it powers Ampere’s dreams of a better future, a greener environment, and a healthy planet

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