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Operational costs – ignore them at your own peril!

There is a lot of material that has been written about TCO – “Total Cost of Operation”

Wikipedia defines TCO as the cost of owning an automobile from the time of purchase by the owner, through its operation and maintenance to the time it leaves the possession of the owner. Comparative TCO studies between various models help consumers choose the automobile – scooter or cycle – to fit their needs and budget.

This was very aptly captured by Maruti Suzuki’s popular advertisement campaign “Kitna Deti Hai”

Indians are smart people!! We are careful about operating expenses. This advertisement captures the fact that the mileage / day to-day cost of running a vehicle is more important than other factors like the capacity of the vehicle / power generated by the vehicle / looks of the vehicle etc. Rightfully so.

This is one place where electric vehicles win hands down. There is no daily cash out-flow. There is not last minute search for a 100 rupee note for use at a petrol pump. Just charge the battery overnight – and off you go!

Studies reveal that the cost per kilometre is lesser for an electric vehicle compared to a petrol vehicle. The running cost per kilometre for an electric vehicle (say, V48) is Rs. 0.17 whereas the running cost per kilometre for a petrol vehicle (say, Scooty) is Rs. 1.29.

Ha – I hear your mind voice (Excuse my English here – the term “mind voice” has got popular in Tamil lingo – thanks to our movies). You are wondering about the amount that you have to spend for replacing the battery once every 18 months or so. The TCO that has been arrived here includes the impact of the battery cost.

Don’t even get me talking about the cost of changing engine oil once every 3 months or so in a petrol vehicle.

The TCO – total cost of ownership – of an electric vehicle is lesser than that of a petrol vehicle. So, what are you waiting for?!?

Go for it. Go for Ampere vehicles. No Noise – No Petrol – No Pollution.

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